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John J. Royle

Born in Manchester in 1850, John J. Royle started a foundry and engineering business in King Street West, Manchester in 1882. He became a successful industrialist, moving to Great Bridgewater Street in Manchester in 1890, before moving to a large industrial site, the “New Works” at Irlam, Manchester. His company produced heat exchangers, water heaters, radiators, and evaporators for industrial and commercial use.
As well as being a successful businessman, “J.J.” was also a typical Victorian inventor, always looking for labour-saving devices to invent and patent. These included a large number of inventions for both industrial and household use, many of which were patented.
Some of his household inventions included an egg beater, a timed egg boiler, pendulous gas table and ceiling lights, smokeless fuel stoves & heaters and a smokeless fuel irons. However, It is the self-pouring teapot, patented in 1886, for which he was to become most well known.

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John J Royle: Past Events
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